Monday, October 17, 2011

Yuna's TVC -Watch & Win Contest

Bila dah berehat di rumah ni, lama la cutinya kan... So a bit boring. Jadi amik pendekatan menyertai apa saja contest / peraduan yang ada.. Hehehe... Yang terkini contect di FB yang membuatkan aku terpaksa stick dekat wall FB dari Canon the whole 2 days to update the info.. Ada rezeki ada la kan... So jom ramai2 join...

Watch Yuna's TVC with Canon and win BIG prizes in next 24 hours! Tune in to the Canon Camera (Malaysia)'s facebook page in next 24 hours and be sure to pay close attention. Then correctly answer the three questions on this page about the TVC for a chance to win some incredible Canon merchandise!

Q1: While Yuna was shooting at the newsstand by the road side, what mode she has changed to on the mode dial?
Q2: What basic shooting mode Yuna was using while shooting at the satay stall?
Q3: to be released at 8.30am, October 17, 2011
Contest Mechanism
Step 1:
Logon to at the following period to watch the TVC Clips
Clip 1: October 16, 2011(Sunday), 4.30pm till October 17, 2011(Monday), 12.29am
Clip 2: October 16, 2011(Sunday), 12.30am till October 17, 2011(Monday), 8.29am
Clip 3: October 17, 2011(Monday), 8.30am till October 17, 2011(Monday), 4.29pm

Step 2:
Compile the question and answer announced by Canon during the release of each clip

Step 3:
Compile all 3 answers and submit to the dedicated tab - Watch & Win tab (below Canon Facebook Profile Page) at Canon Camera (Malaysia)'s Facebook Page - at 8.30am, 17th Oct 2011

** Submission form will be released on October 17, 2011(Monday) at 8.30am.

Winner Selection
The winner(s) will be selected based on the correct answer(s) and the fastest time.

1st Prize:
EOS 1D Mark IV Miniature Mock + EF Lens Collection Cup (70-200) + EOS Card Tofu Card Reader + EOS Notebook + EOS X-mini Speaker

2nd Prize:
EF 100mm Mug + EOS Card Tofu Card Reader + EOS Notebook + EOS X-mini Speaker

3rd Prize:
EOS X-mini Speaker +  Canon EOS 1100D Notepad + EOS 1100 Miniature Keychains

20x Consolation Prize
Canon EOS 1100D Notepad + EOS 1100 Miniature Keychains

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