Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quality Time at Quality Hotel

Last saturday mama called and inform that mama n abah were in Shah Alam for attending a seminar. So we decided to go there and let azam spending time with his atok n opah. Good news is Along (my elder brother) also coming with Kak Ida, Muaz and Izzah.

Azam have really great time. Of course la so manja with his atok and opah. We went out for dinner in Seksyen 11 and spend time in the hotel room. The room was so big and comfy. When Muaz and Izzah arrived, u can't control all of them anymore... Even though they are sleepy but only god know where they got their strength to play until almost 12am!!!

Dua saudara yang amat rapat n now i know how is my both elder brother playing when they were kids ^__^

Izzah Sofiya yang always cute and very sweet

This two boys were running, dancing and all over the place

Just imagine they were playing on the floor at the lobby and as usual Izzah will follow the heroes in action

Izzah in the hotel room

Muaz is teaching Azam playing games his ummi's handphone

The guys conner watching cerekarama at TV3.. aiyo!!!
P/S : Hopefully more quality time can be spend when all the family members are around ^__^

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